• Inspirational 16 Year Old's Autism Blog

    So all of us here in McSharry Pharmacy thinks this 16 year is pretty inspirational in her work in raising awareness for Autism, inspired by her brother Dian. Please have a read of Freya’s blog & visit her website

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  • Health supplements that work

    Revive Active health supplement is a unique blend of 26 active ingredients including essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes for a healthy body and mind.

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  • Heart Health

    The focus for this month is Alcohol and its effects on Body and Heart Health.

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  • Back to school is looming in a few weeks...

    Back to school is looming in a few weeks. Many parents look forward to getting back into routine and many dread it. Weather has been pretty good for the summer so children should have got a lot of fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Going back to school for parents can be a worrying time. It is an expensive time with uniforms, books, shoes, sports gear etc. to buy. Children usually love going back to school, meeting their friends, a favourite teacher and children do like and benefit from routine. But, children do get tired, maybe become fussy eaters, don’t like their packed lunch etc. All outside school activities start again, drawing on the children’s energy levels as well as the parents who are driving them everywhere. So, do children need vitamins at this time? In an ideal world. No would be the answer. Most parents do their level best to give their children the very best of food, fresh and wholesome and a wide variety. However in an increasingly busier world, with parents working long hours and after school care etc. convenience can come into it and processed food can become part of the daily diet. Below is a short guide to vitamins important for children.

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  • Mens Health

    When it comes to their health, men tend to bury their head in the sand and ignore symptoms that should be treated before they can develop into something sinister. It is very important for men to be aware of their health issues, especially when recent data from the Men’s Health Network found that men in Ireland die, on average, four and a half years younger than women.

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