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Published on 2014-07-02

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Men should be encouraged to look after their health and to understand that a regular MOT is a very good idea.

Important health issues to be aware of

Heart Health ­It is very important to give up smoking and cut down on alcohol. Take time to de­stress, visit the GP regularly and know the family history Simple Steps to look after your heart:

1. Be active for 30mins, five days a week

2. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, try to include some grains, such as rice in your diet, and eat fish at least twice a week.

3. Be aware of your healthy weight range and try to stay within it.

Stress­ is partly to blame for putting extra strain on the nervous system and heart, it contributes to high blood pressure, digestive problems and anxiety. Keep stress levels under control by reducing excess cortisol levels through moderate regular exercise and limiting caffeine intake. Sleep is a powerful rejuvenator and hormone regulator.

Magnesium is known as nature’s natural calmer. It has added benefits as it supports the nervous system and lessens the damaging effects of stress. Diet and Exercise also need to be looked at. Research shows that avoiding excess sugar, caffeine, alcohol and saturated fats improves men’s chances of avoiding disease and helps to maintain a health digestive function.

Steps to improve diet:

1. Eat essential fatty acid rich foods such as salmon, nuts (walnuts/almonds) for quality protein and EFAs.

2. Eat fresh salads daily.

3. Eat real food rather than refined instant meals.

Mind Matters­ Men who suffer from depression are less likely to ask for help than women and are therefore more likely to suffer more. It is very important that if you feel that you are losing interest in things that you used to enjoy or that you have feelings of extreme sadness and hopelessness, it is very important to seek help and talk to someone. A poor diet, heavy in processed foods and sugar, alcohol, and lack of exercise will exacerbate the problem so it is helpful to look at making changes in your lifestyle and diet.

Prostate Problems.

A condition called Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, (BPH), is so common that around a third of men over the age of 50 will suffer. Here the prostate has become enlarged, resulting in men needing to go to the loo frequently, often in the middle if the night. It is inevitable that the prostate gland increases in size with age causing these irritating symptoms. Men should seek help if they are concerned. The awareness of prostate cancer tends to cloud knowledge of BPH and men can be afraid to check their symptoms fearing they will find something sinister.