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Regaine Extra Strength Foam 60ml

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Regaine Extra Strength Foam 60ml

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Regaine Extra Strength Foam 60ml

In clinical testing, 9 out of 10 men kept or regrew their hair after they used Regaine® Extra Strength Foam twice daily over 16 weeks*.

It contains minoxidil, and, like Regaine® Foam, it works to enlarge shrunken follicles (increasing their size). This allows for normal healthy hair to develop over time.

Regaine® Foam is:

> Easy to use as part of your daily routine

> Fast drying

> Less messy than other topical hair regrowth products

How does Regaine® Foam work?

> Reinvigorates shrunken hair follicles

> Increases and prolongs the hair growth phase

> Helps grow longer and thicker hair follicles over time

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