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Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown Day & Night Tan 150ml

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Cocoa Brown Day & Night Tan 150ml

Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter is the number one selling tanning range.

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Cocoa Brown Day & Night Tan 150ml

It dries very quick and leaves no residue so doesn’t transfer to your clothes which is always a worry when using an instant tan. There is no sticky feeling, instead, like Cocoa Brown 1hr tan the mousse literally glides on and leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

What's the difference between Cocoa Brown 1 hr. Tan and Cocoa Brown Night & Day tan?

  • Cocoa Brown Night & Day is an instant tan that develops straight away to leave a deep tan and can be washed off the next day to leave a much lighter colour.
  • 1hr Tan is a self tan that can be washed off after 1 hr and leaves a gorgeous natural coca brown coloured tan.
  • Night & Day goes on as dark as it will get.
  • 1hr Tan can get darker as it continues to develop if left on for up to 3hrs.
  • Night & Day is best suited to those who like an instant dark tan.
  • 1hr Tan can be layered the next day to get a darker tan.
  • Night & Day washes off almost instantly after the 1st shower leaving a light glow.
  • 1hr Tan lasts up to 5 days and wears off gradually.

Check Out This Video For Cocoa Brown Tanning Tips from Marissa Carter


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